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Definition of adjective

An adjective is a describing word. It tells you more about a noun. An adjective usually appears before the noun it describes. Sometimes, though, the adjective appears after the noun, later in the sentence.

Examples of adjectives

  • a busy street .   ( busy adjective )
  • a dark corner   (dark adjective )
  • a large bed   (large adjective )
  • a tall basketball player.  (tall adjective )

Types of Adjectives

  • Descriptive Adjectives
  • Quantitative Adjectives
  • Proper Adjectives
  • Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Interrogative Adjectives
  • Indefinite Adjectives
  • Articles
  • Compound Adjectives

Definition of Descriptive Adjectives

A descriptive adjective is a word which describes nouns and pronouns These adjectives provide information about the nouns and pronouns this adjectives is also called qualitative adjectives.

Examples of Descriptive Adjectives

A pretty girl       (Pretty Descriptive Adjectives)
A rich family       (Rich Descriptive Adjectives)
A sad story      (Sad Descriptive Adjectives)
A strong man      (Strong Descriptive Adjectives)

Definition of Quantitative Adjectives:

A quantitative adjective provides information about the quantity of the nouns and pronouns. Numbers are adjectives, too. They tell you how many people, animals, or things there are. Sometimes they are called adjectives of quantity.
Quantitative Adjectives belongs to the questions category of ‘how much’ and ‘how many’.

Examples of Quantitative Adjectives

sixteen snails
twenty butterflies
thirteen birds
seventeen kittens
fourteen mice
The fiveth boy became first in the final exam
He is doing it for 60th times now

Adjective Endings

  1. Some adjectives end whit -ful or -less
  2. careful    –       careless
    useful    –       useless
  3. Some adjectives end whit -y
  4. a stormy sea
    an oily pot
    a sleepy passenger
    a noisy room
  5. Some adjectives end whit -ive.
  6. an active child
    a creative toy
  7. Some adjectives end in -ing.
  8. an interesting book
    loving parents
    matching clothes
    a smiling face
  9. Some adjectives end in -ly
  10. a lonely boy
    a lovely girl
    a weekly magazi
  11. some adjectives end with - able, -al, -en, -ible, -ish and -ous .
  12. a comfortable chair
    a national costume
    a wooden table
    a horrible smell
    a foolish act
    a poisonous snake